Behind LemonVinaigrette


I cook everyday for a family of 4 made up of 1 vegan ( me ) 1 vegetarian and  2 carnivores. Happiness is creating a dish that we all approve of, welcome to my world!

I will never forget the day I told them that I was going vegan. My husband thought it was a phase…it’s been 4 years!

This vegan recipe blog was inspired by my passion for cooking, my family and that one question…..”What do vegans eat?”

Inspire and always be inspired….Mia♥


6 thoughts on “Behind LemonVinaigrette

  1. I’m very proud of you for creating your own blog!!! I won’t lie my happiness is not only for you and your accomplishment, but I’m also happy for me since now I will have access to your wonderful recipes 😉

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    1. Hello! Alot of mexican influence in my cooking, because my parents are from Mexico. I was born and raised in Califonia, although I have never been to Mexico, I have been exposed to it’s cuisine all my life!


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