Vegan Aguachile

Aguachile literally translates into chile water, which sounds less appetizing. This classic dish hails from Sinaloa, Mexico and is traditionally prepared with shrimp.  Since I don’t eat little critters, I turned to cauliflower to stand in their place. It did not disappoint. Aguachile is a variation of ceviche that is prepared with a puree of… Continue reading Vegan Aguachile

Braised Hibiscus Street Tacos

I know what you’re thinking…flowers? In a taco?!  Before you jump to the conclusion that this must be some crazy vegan trend, let me elaborate. Hibiscus Flowers or Flor de Jamaica have been part of mexican cuisine for a while not just as a drink ( agua de jamaica) but as part of a variety… Continue reading Braised Hibiscus Street Tacos

Ceviche Nachos

Ceviche…something I thought I would miss when I went vegan. Then this recipe was born, the final result was so good, I went around to my family shoving chips topped with this ceviche into their mouths, analyzing every facial expression…then again I tend to do this with almost everything I make. This has all of… Continue reading Ceviche Nachos

Spicy Potato Taquitos with Avocado Salsa

Tacos…go ahead, google it….amazing right?  The world is obsessed with tacos.  Little do they know that vegan tacos are legit tacos too.  Potato taquitos make up part of the taco family, but sometimes can be bland if the filling is not flavorful.  The idea for these came to me while cleaning out my fridge.  I… Continue reading Spicy Potato Taquitos with Avocado Salsa