Rustic Mexican Vegetable Soup

This soul-restoring soup is proof that a few veggies are all you need to create something wonderful. Traditionally made with beef, this vegan version is just as hearty and satisfying. A side of mexican rice cooked in tomato broth is always served with this soup. The addition of salsa, fresh cilantro, raw diced onion and… Continue reading Rustic Mexican Vegetable Soup

Vegan Mexican Tortilla Soup

Tortilla soup tastes like home to me.  There are countless ways to prepare it and almost every home cook has their own recipe for it.  My vegan version has a bit of roasted corn, dried pasilla chile and smoky chipotle. A flavorful and rich tomato broth is the base for the real mvp’s in this… Continue reading Vegan Mexican Tortilla Soup

Vegan Red Borscht Soup with Cashew Cream and Chives

Making a big pot of soup on a cold day is therapeutic.  It should not be rushed.  Chopping fresh veggies, a pinch of this and a dash of that, stirring, tasting and adjusting the seasoning is a labor of love. Beets are the main event in this soup and I happen to be a big… Continue reading Vegan Red Borscht Soup with Cashew Cream and Chives